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    6D Cinema

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    6D Cinema has added some special stage properties on the basis of 3D. Besides the stereoscopic effect of 3D movies, the movies also have the special effects of vibration, mist spray, snow flake, wind blowing, etc. With sound & photo-electricity technology, various environmental effect equipment and elaborately conceived stereoscopic movies, the visual, audial, touching and smelling senses of audiences will be excited, the thematic environment of movies will reappear, and the whole effect of being personally on the scene will be created, enabling you to comprehensively integrate into the movies.

    Movie Experience Lounge mainly broadcasts the special movies of around 5 to 8 minutes, the thrilling, exciting and dynamic movies, such as Roller Coaster in Forest, Pumpkin Ghost, Death City, etc., enabling audiences to enjoy themselves thoroughly like being personally on the scene.