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    Thatched Cottage Theater

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    Located in a mountainous valley with many scenic spots, with construction area of 11800 square meters and capacity of over 1500 visitors, Thatched Cottage Theater is currently the biggest thatched cottage theater in China. The Theater has green hills as the screen in the back and is close to one big lake and one small lake in the south and west. The central stage is 80 meters in diameter, which has the pattern of Yin and Yang in the middle. It represents Chinese ancient philosophy of unity of humankind and nature and completeness. Each Friday and Saturday, the first large-scale real-scene drama "Thatched Cottage-Zhuge Liang" is performed here, by overlapping the Modern multi-media imaging technology and pioneer dramas, again showed multiple sections of history regarding the Three Kingdoms, such as repeatedly inviting Zhuge Liang to take a responsible post of Liu Bei, marrying via wooden ox of Huang Yueying, burning the camps of the Shu Dynasty on Red Cliff, etc. The legendary life of "Wisdom Sage" Zhuge Liang reappeared.