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    Six angle well

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    Since Zhuge Liang left Longzhong, Longzhong was ever destroyed seriously several times in the history. However, after Zhuge Liang took a responsible post in the Three Kingdoms, the only remained relic regarding his life is Hexagonal Well, the well that Zhuge Liang ever used for drinking water when living here. This well is the mountain treasure of Longzhong. Hexagonal Well got its name for the appearance of bricked hexagon. According to historical documents, originally the well was around 15 meters deep, but after a long period of time, sludge deposited at the bottom of the well. The well currently is only around 5 meters deep, but there is water there, clear to bottom. Hexagonal Well backs Longzhong Mountain, and as proverbs say that the height of a mountain equals the depth of a river, this is also the reason why there is still water in the well.