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    Qin Tang

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    In Empty Fort Strategy, there was a well-known story that Zhuge Liang defeated Sima Yi by playing a zither in an empty fort. The zither skills of Zhuge Liang was excellent and capable of expressing his ambitions by playing zither and even evaluating people by listening to his playing, and even Zhou Yu admired him very much. Zither Room of Zhuge Liang arranges the featured performances of zither and chime. “Moonlights of Han Dynasty Spreads in Thatched Cottage” tells the soul-stirring heroic stories of the Three Kingdoms”……. Tourists are indulged in the performances and can taste green tea in Longzhong, listen to the unparalleled voices of chime, stay with rising and falling ancient music, appreciate melodious songs and dances and indulge themselves in the legendary wisdom that spread through the ages. An unspeakable taste occurs in your heart.