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    Old Dragon Cave

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    老龙洞位于隆中山脚下,周围松柏交翠,山水相映,茂林修竹。大家可能会感到,此时的古隆中更像一个硕大无比的天然氧吧,令人心旷神怡。老龙洞的传说很多,相传老龙洞很深,有人说它通到南漳,更有人说他可以通到四川。这里的水质甘甜, 喝了这里的水能使人更加聪明,据说诸葛亮智慧过人就是喝了此水的缘故。所以游客朋友,不妨走进茶室一品隆中香茗,它甘甜淡雅,沁人心脾。老龙洞背后是隆中的牡丹园。“阳春三月三,隆中看牡丹”,千百年的习俗一直流传至今。每年春天,牡丹花盛开,煞是好看。
    At the foot of Longzhong Mountain, Old Dragon Cave has pines and cypresses that are green mutually, and mountains and rivers reflect each other, with dense forest and tall bamboos. People may feel that current Gulongzhong is more like a big natural oxygen bar and makes people relaxed and happy. There are many legends regarding Old Dragon Cave. According to legend, the cave is very deep, some saying it connects to Nan Zhang, some saying it connects to Szechwan. The water in the cave is sweet. Anyone who drinks its water will become wiser. Legend says that Zhuge Liang became wise as he drank the water in the cave. Hence, dear visitors, please go to the teahouse to taste Longzhong tea. It is sweet, simple and elegant and refreshing. Behind Old Dragon Cave is the Peony Garden in Longzhong. “March 3 in the spring, appreciate the peonies in Longzhong", this is the habitude spread throughout the ages. Each spring, peonies are in full blossom, very beautiful.