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    Tenglong Pavilion

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    Located on the top of Longzhong Mountain, with 10 floors totally, Tenglong Pavilion is the best place for climbing to overlook Xiangyang City. It is a five-outer nine-inner building, and the 3rd, 5th, 7th and 9th floors are observatories. As the floor becomes higher, the landscape differs and then the feelings differ. Looking from a distance, only a tall and imposing pavilion can be seen, full of unparalleled power and grandeur, exquisite and beautiful and eight eaves high up in the air. Looking closer, the pavilion looks splendid and magnificent, with exquisite structure and sharp corners. Five floors of external corridors are winding, in emerald green, and birds are playing. When approaching the top floor, the sails on Han River are visible before your eyes. Looking into the pavilion, only the spirit of Zhuge Liang can be visible, the poems and pictures are beautiful like jades, with dense cultural atmosphere everywhere. Mountains, cultures, Han River and sails jointly constitute such a special cloudland in the world.