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    Wolong Hillock

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    卧龙岗景区位于乐山南侧,呈现出一大片形似“龙骨”的石林,呈“卧龙”状匍匐在乐山上,石林下一谭月牙泉水终年不干涸,形成了一处极为壮观的画面,整个“卧龙石”气势恢宏,栩栩如生,极似一条即将腾飞的“卧龙”。 专家、学者从地质、地貌、历史等方面对此考证后认为:这可能是大片化石,具有很高的考古价值、学术价值和旅游价值。极似传说中的卧龙岗之地。

    Located in the south of Leshan Mountain, Wolong Hillock presents a big stone forest like dragon bones, and the stone forest crawls on Leshan Mountain like a crawling dragon. One crescent moon spring under the stone forest never runs dry the whole year. These have formed an extremely magnificent picture: The whole “Crawling Dragon Stone” is imposing and vivid, like a crawling dragon that will soar instantly. After textual researches from geology, geomorphology, history, etc., experts and scholars hold that there may be a cloud of fossils with high archaeological value, academic value and tourist value, especially like the Wolong Hillock (Crawling Dragon Hillock) in the legend.