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    Baoxi Pavilion

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    Baoxi Pavilion was rebuilt at the location where Zhao Hongen built the Farming Pavilion when Cheng Wenbing, the commander-in-chief of Hubei Province, visited Shiyan City and Xiangfan City in the 14th to 19th Guang Xu years (1888-1893). According to legend, there was a big stone there, and when living in Longzhong, Zhuge Liang sat on this stone and sang the ditty “Songs of Father Liang”, one hand expressing his homesickness and on the other hand voicing his own soaring ambition. The pavilion is in the green shade, in the hexagonal shape with three eaves and three layers and raised eave angles. The pavilion was tall, graceful and dignified. A wood ladder stayed in the pavilion and could be used for climbing to see landscaping

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